FFS Samples

Walk-in Photo Booth
Create a fun experience and instant, unique moments for your guests and family with a portable Photo Booth
• Holds up to 4 people
• Your choice of photo strips, photo cubes or portraits
• Props
• Custom event graphics
• DVD with all images
• Modern look and feel
• 1 attendant
• Scrapbook station available


Photo Tower
Like a photo booth only BIGGER.
• Holds up to 10 people
• Glossy 5×7 photos
• Custom event graphics
• Props
* Social Media Integration


Decor Up-lighting
Dramatically enhances the elegance of your party room with warm or vibrant colors
• 12 LED up-light fixtures
• Your choice of any color
• DMX controlled Color mixing
• Static Color


Media Screen
Personalize your party with instant live photo reflections, cool graphic images and themed pictures splashed on our beautifully lit up screen
• 8 x 10 screen size
• Montage presentation
• Personal or themed photos
• Photo reflections of your guests
• Graphics and visuals

Video Game Tower
Satisfy your inner gamer with a variety of the latest and most exciting video game sensations.
• Choose from over 20 different games
• Music, Sports, and Arcade themes
• Game Show Trivia
• Karaoke

LED Groove Cubes (light-up dance stages)
Raise your party and guests to the next level as you dance the night away on our colorful light-up platforms!
• Create a 12 foot stage, two 6 foot stages or set them up individually
• 4 LED lighted platforms
• Durable dance surface
• Add to your rooms décor

Neon Experience (Black lights and giveaways)
Light up the night and bring your dance floor to life in a brilliant neon glow. We’ll supply all of the hand-outs and everything glows in the dark!
• 12 UV Black light tubes (each one is 4ft. tall)
• Giveaways package includes
o 60 pairs of white gloves
o 60 white and neon gangster hats
o 100 neon necklaces
o 36 LED glow fingers

Green Screen Photos
Visit any destination, star in a Hollywood blockbuster, grace the cover of your favorite magazine. It’s all possible with Green Screen Photos
• 10×10 green screen backdrop
• 5×7 glossy photos
• Custom event graphics
• Props
• On-site printing
• 2 attendants